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Swindon Structural Repair Programme

Rateavon delivered structural repairs and waterproofing to balconies and linked stairwell cross overs to Swindon Borough Council (SBC) owned social housing. The properties were located all over the city and were all occupied during these works.

Rateavon carried out visual inspections and where needed concrete analysis/testing to the existing balconies/stairways before beginning work. Based on the analysis and testing Rateavon proposed a design repairs system before carrying out the works.

The works carried out by Rateavon included; upgrading balcony/stairway coatings using Triflex BFS (Variant 1 Heavy duty) and completing a range of concrete repairs with Flexcrete – ranging from small cosmetic repairs to repairing a balcony which included extending the steels and pouring new concrete. Additional works included renewing & painting existing metal railings and privacy panels and applying concrete anti-carbonation paint to exposed surfaces.