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Vining Walk, Pountney Drive and Easton Road

Rateavon carried out external wall insulation works to seven residential low rise blocks (108 maisonettes) on Vining Walk, Pountney Drive and Easton Road in Easton, Bristol.

Rateavon was subcontracted to install SPS Envirowall’s external wall system. 120mm Grey EPS with Granomin topcoat and nanoquartz paint was specified as well a brick slip finish (acrylic & clay). 80mm phenolic insulation was used on the walkways to limit the reduction in the walkway width. Renderflex, a high performance cellulose fibre cement building board, was used on the walkways and at low level to provide high levels of impact resistance to the rendered areas. Rateavon also insulated the suspended ceilings that were directly below walkways to prevent cold bridging.  As a result of the works, the walls U-values were reduced to 0.24W/(m2k) from 1.90W/(m2k) (brick) and 2.23W/(m2k)  (concrete).