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Industrial Paint & Specialist Coatings

Rateavon can also offer the a range of industrial paints & specialist coatings;

Nano-quartz Paint – The 3D structure of the Nano-Quartz technology in these paints means they are self-cleaning and keep colourfast for longer. The extremely hard surface stabilises the paint layer and prevents dirt particles from attaching to the wall, any dirt attached to the walls will be blown away by wind or washed away by rain. The fast drying façade system reduces the build-up of algae and lichens as the moisture has been removed. At the same time, the Nano-Quartz Technology offers maximum protection from weather; for example moisture from heavy rain cannot penetrate the outer layer but the vapour can still escape unhindered from the inside.

Anti-carbonation Protective Coatings – This coating provide ultimate protection against the damaging effects of carbonation and other deteriorating elements. They considerably extend the life expectancy of precast and in-situ concrete and help ensure structural integrity for many years.

Industrial Coating & Wall Paints – Resin ceiling and wall coverings are created for the toughest commercial and industrial environments and offer excellent performance, strength and good resistance to daily wear and tear.