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Rainscreen Cladding

Rainscreen cladding involves attaching a skin of cladding to the exterior of a building. The outer layer is waterproof, and the inner layer provides thermal insulation, resulting in a dry, warm property. Modern rainscreen facades are unsurpassed in quality and have been specially developed to be durable, workable and often lightweight.

Rainscreen cladding can be used for new builds or for refurbishment, and the levels of insulation can be adjusted to suit the required application.

What are the advantages of rainscreen cladding?

  • Improve thermal insulation – lower running costs due to greatly improved thermal insulation and improved comfort levels for building users.
  • Improved appearance – There is a vast range of colours, styles and texture options to suite any style.
  • Little maintenance – No cleaning or painting is required, and the finish is vandal-proof??
  • Increased life span – The cladding protects the existing structure from the effects of weather.
  • Sound Proofing – Cladding systems also offer a level of acoustic resistance, reducing the effects of traffic noise.
  • Reduction of the risk of condensation – Due to the elimination of cold bridges
  • Fire Protection – Recognised cladding systems have been assessed and approved by the BBA and ETA.