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Walker close and Payne drive

Rateavon carried out external wall insulation and roofing works to six low rise residential blocks on Walker Close & Payne Drive as a main contractor for Bristol City Council.

To the walls Rateavon installed approx. 6,500m2 of SPS Envirowall’s Granotherm Wall System 1; 100mm EPS with a mineral render and Envirosil nano quartz equalizing finish. Renderflex board was applied to high impact areas. This system reduced the U-vales to 0.29W/(m2k) from 1.26 W/(m2k).

To the roofs Rateavon installed 1300 m2 Kemper System’s cold applied liquid system Kemperol V210, with 80mm PIR foil face insulation. Rateavon also renewed outlets with Harmer cast aluminium, raised parapets and installed new verge trims. This system reduced the U-values to below 0.18W/(m2k) from 0.42W/(m2k).  Additional works included refurbishment of balconies, concrete repairs and fire protection.

Carbon savings of 11,239tco2 were achieved, over a predicted 30 year lifespan allowable under the Ofgem/DECC approved CESP calculations. SSE provided funding for the project.

“The residents of Walker Close spoke very highly of the improved appearance of the flats, and the area in general. It was difficult to assess the energy savings but they feel a lot more comfortable and the bills are less.”  “On speaking to some of the tenants they were much more positive about the area and found the flats were less draughty and certainly much warmer.” Nigel Walker – Easton Energy Group.